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I specialise in Real Estate Photography and Video, up to and including 4K video - that's 4 x HD resolution!
I supply many other services also. Some examples are:

Event Video and Photography - Motorsport for example, see my Youtube channel for some Rally Sprint footage like this

At Height Inspection - Dangerous locations (like landslides or slips) where it would be impracticable for persons to attempt to view in detail without extreme danger.

Insurance Assessment - Video footage and / or photos for Insurance Companies from viewpoints that cannot be gained by any other financially viable method.

Farm Planning - Drainage Planning, Crop Information where large overviews are required.

Business Premises Photos - Advertising your business in a way it deserves to be seen. Refresh those tired old images!

Weddings - Capture the wedding cars on crystal clear cinematic smooth video arriving and departing in a unique memorable way!
How about Special photos of the entire wedding party including the cars AND the Guests!

I am an experienced drone pilot with over 5 years drone operation behind me.
I have done work for TVNZ's Fair Go programme and provided video footage and photos to OneNews.
From experience I know what it takes to accomplish the right look for a property to show it's best features.

I offer a fast turnaround service for several Real Estate companies within the Levin, Foxton, Otaki areas, however, I am willing to travel outside these areas if required.

Being well versed with CAA regulations in NZ I know what I can and can't do. I have been required to gain approval on several occasions when needing to fly within a no-fly zone of an airport. This was required as I needed to photograph and video several homes within the airport's flight path!
This entailed supervision by a suitably qualified person who remained in constant contact with not only the airport tower but also any light aircraft traffic within the area to ensure safety at all times.
The safe operation of my drone within my working environment is always of upmost importance. I respect the CAA Regulations in New Zealand and strongly encourage others who fly (or intend to fly) drones in NZ to do the same. If an operator doesn't know the laws relating to drone use or they think this knowledge is 'not really required' they should simply not be in charge of an aircraft.
Operators with this mind set are sadly the ones who have at times given the drone industry a bad name due to their lack of awareness of the dangers they may be imposing


I supply superb aerial photos and super smooth crystal clear video at very competitive prices.
I will better any other proven quoted price!

For Real Estete Photography I offer free as part of my service the option to highlight the property boundary.
This can be invaluable when propertie's are either odd shaped or very large.

You may be surprised how affordable and cost effective my services are.
I operate in a mature professional manner at all times and safety is always of prime concern.
My philosophy is focused on Customer Service. I don't cut corners.
I professionaly edit still photos and can supply advertising ready imagery within 24hrs under normal circumstances.
For video, I can include music, either copyright free music or customer supplied and upload completed videos to my youtube channel or direct to customer on dvd or usb file transfer.
Youtube video links can be used in your advertising purposes if required.


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