I supply superb aerial photos and super smooth crystal clear video at very competitive prices.
I can also supply HD video with a normal professional video camera.
A combination of both video methods was used in the boat video shown below.
The video shows the maiden voyage of a locally made large Catamaran named "Offshore Guardian"

I also offer free as part of my service for real estate photography the option to highlight the property boundary. This can be invaluable when propertie's are either odd shaped or very large.

You may be surprised how affordable and cost effective my services are.
I operate in a mature professional manner at all times and safety is always of prime concern.
My philosophy is focused on Genuine Customer Service. I don't cut corners.
I professionaly edit still photos and can supply advertising ready imagery within 24hrs.
For video I can include music, either copyright free music or customer supplied and upload completed videos to my youtube channel or direct to customer on dvd or usb file transfer.
Youtube video links can be used in your advertising purposes if required.


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