Supercheap Auto Spectacular Car Show 2020

This is only a small selection of the cars on show. I have a few more photos to edit and will upload them soon. I did not have time to photograph all the vehicles as there were just too many.

IMG_4504-111 IMG_4368-2 IMG_4369-3 IMG_4372-6 IMG_4373-7 IMG_4374-8 IMG_4375-9 IMG_4376-10 IMG_4377-11 IMG_4378-12 IMG_4381-15 IMG_4382-16 IMG_4383-17 IMG_4384-18 IMG_4387-20 IMG_4388-21 IMG_4389-22 IMG_4390-23 IMG_4392-24 IMG_4394-25 IMG_4396-26 IMG_4397-27 IMG_4400-28 IMG_4401-29 IMG_4402-30 IMG_4405-31 IMG_4407-32 IMG_4408-33 IMG_4410-35 IMG_4413-36 IMG_4414-37 IMG_4416-38 IMG_4418-39 IMG_4419-40 IMG_4420-41 IMG_4422-42 IMG_4423-43 IMG_4424-44 IMG_4425-45 IMG_4427-46 IMG_4428-47 IMG_4431-49 IMG_4432-50 IMG_4434-51 IMG_4438-53 IMG_4439-54 IMG_4444-59 IMG_4445-60 IMG_4448-63 IMG_4451-65 IMG_4452-66 IMG_4453-67 IMG_4455-68 IMG_4456-69 IMG_4457-70 IMG_4458-71 IMG_4459-72 IMG_4460-73 IMG_4461-74 IMG_4462-75 IMG_4463-76 IMG_4465-78 IMG_4466-79 IMG_4467-80 IMG_4468-81 IMG_4469-82 IMG_4470-83 IMG_4471-84 IMG_4472-85 IMG_4473-86 IMG_4474-87 IMG_4476-88 IMG_4477-89 IMG_4478-90 IMG_4479-91 IMG_4480-92 IMG_4481-93 IMG_4483-94 IMG_4487-97 IMG_4488-98 IMG_4489-99 IMG_4491-100 IMG_4492-101 IMG_4493-102 IMG_4494-103 IMG_4496-104 IMG_4497-105 IMG_4498-106 IMG_4499-107 IMG_4500-108 IMG_4501-109 IMG_4503-110 IMG_4484-95 website lightboxby VisualLightBox.com v6.1